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Tuesday Twinfographics


It’s Advertising Week here in New York City (events are livestreaming on #FriendOfTheLabNYC Dailymotion), so we thought we’d share a couple of infographics focused on advertising today.

First, the fantastic designers at Column Five did a great infographic for Solve Media on bot traffic. Did you know that 16% of web traffic in the U.S. comes from bots? That’s nothing compared with Singapore, where a whopping 56% is attributable to bots. That has a huge, detrimental effect on advertising:

Next, we learned a bit about the history of digital advertising, from PointRoll. From 1987′s first Mac and the release of Adobe Illustrator, to the creation of QR codes in 1994, to the launches of MySpace, Facebook (only for Harvard students) and LinkedIn in 2003, to the unveiling of Google Plus in 2011, we’ve come a long way, baby:

Billboard photo by n0nick via Flickr Creative Commons.

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