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Five for Friday


With PivotCon coming up next week, we thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the folks who will be speaking,

We’re a sponsor, and were last year, too. We’re looking forward to connecting with friends old and new there and seeing how social brands are making use of social business.

First up, we have Mr. #PivotCon himself, Brian Solis, with his latest piece in Inc., Reality Check: Engagement is Now a Way of Business reminds us that times have changed and they’re not changing back. Social’s not a fad, engagement’s not just a buzzword. It’s Digital Darwinism!

Watermark recognized six Women Who Have Made Their Mark, and that included Pivot speaker Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction. Lea will be speaking about “Customer Service is Not Marketing … But It Should Be.”

On his SAP blog, Pivot speaker and SAP CMO Jonathan Becher explains why Diversity Drives Innovation. It’s not about meeting quotas or specific criteria, it’s about having people of different backgrounds and mindsets contributing their brain power. Just as a mutt is generally healthier than a purebred, having diversity in your corporate DNA can bring a lot of value. He’ll be talking about “The Varied and Complex World of Engagement.”

Funnyman, author and Internet Famous Baratunde (he’s basically like Madonna now, no need to mention his last name, Thurston) put together a fun YouTube video of his live-tweeting of the #VPDebate. He’ll perform a special session, “How to Be Black … And Prominent.”

Finally, we have this great post from wordwhacker herself, Linda Bernstein, on the Digital Ethos blog, on 9 Steps To Becoming a Twitter Chat Pro, which includes … SeeSaw. (Thanks, Linda!)

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  • wordwhacker

    oh, like, +1, etc. I love your five-for-fridays. It’s an honor to be included.

  • PeterBordes

    @wordwhacker  its an honor for US to be included in you #Tweet #Chat like a Pro!!!

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