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Tuesday #Twinfographics – Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Today’s Twinfographics don’t have a theme. They’re just two things we really liked.

IML co-founder Peter Bordes attended the Salesforce Cloudforce conference last week and hasn’t stopped talking about Marc Benioff’s keynote since. So he scoured recent infographics out of Salesforce and found he loved this one, on the evolution of the CIO from Chief Information Office to Chief Innovation Officer:


Do you agree? Is the job of a CIO far more than making sure systems work and information flows?

Next, we have this cool infographic from Women 2.0. I was honored to be asked to serve as a mentor for their PITCH Conference next month here in New York, and love all the details about who their speakers and mentors are. While it may seem natural that a great many will be women, given that it’s from Women 2.0, it just goes to show that if you try, you can find many qualified female entrepreneurs, founders and VCs to speak and mentor other founders.

Some great details about the makeup of the conference and the community:

Twin hearts image by Paul Lowry via Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • Tinu

    This is a great one. Gonna have to steal that 2nd info graphic with a hat tip to you fine folks. :-)

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