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Five for Friday – #Sandy, Community Management, Instagram, Experience & Startups


Things are getting back to normal in some parts of the NYC metro area after Frankenstorm Sandy, though there’s still a long, long way to go for normalcy for many areas, particularly Staten Island, the Rockaways, Breezy Point and Long Beach.

Not to mention all the folks throughout the region — Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and elsewhere — who still have no power, more than a week and a half after the storm.

We were all quite fortunate at #TheLabNYC, with some relatively untouched by the storm, others evicted for days and others knocked down by this week’s snow. As for myself – one son still hasn’t made it back to school (no power in the building), but the younger guy finally did.

Add to that the long, long, long election cycle finally coming to an end. Let’s hope the next one doesn’t start for at least a few months, shall we?

With that, we thought we’d start today’s Five for Friday with a nod to Sandy.

  1. Lessons from Sandy: Social Media As a Lifeline, by Sarah Larcker on Mediapost (h/t to Friend of #TheLabNYC Abby Ziff for sharing with us) — It’s true, social media was a huge lifeline to many in this. While internet was down and cell service was spotty, the ability to post to Twitter via text messages helped many. And those coordinating relief efforts made great use of hashtags – #helpsi, #sandyvolunteer, #sandyaid, #SandyNJ, #SandyNY and quite literally dozens more. Each had its purpose and helped communities get their message out to the greater public, while still being able to sort through those they really needed. Facebook pages and groups helped people spread the word and share information. Overblog and Listly combined to bring together a comprehensive list of resources available throughout the region – one that anyone can contribute to. There are many other tools and platforms that showed their utility in ways we might not have realized before. Kudos to those who realized.
  2. Six Essential Traits for Great Community Managers, by Yvette Pistorio on SpinSucks. We agree with this list – personality and passion are important starting points, but they’re not all that’s needed. Community management is more than customer service, though it certainly includes aspects of that. Great post.
  3. 54% of Top Brands Use Instagram, by Marissa McNaughton on The Realtime Report. Not on Instagram yet? Why not? No, seriously, why not?
  4. Experts Are Useless: Experience is What Matters, by Doug Haslam on the V3 Integrated Marketing blog. Doug differentiates between those who are called “experts” and those who have expertise. This is a great post, because it reminds us of the right things: just because you have expertise in something doesn’t mean you’re an expert. But it does give you a starting line to help advise others from. If you’re doing it all from theory, ain’t gonna work so well.
  5. Slowly, Slowly: Growing from Side Project to Funded Startup, by Natalie Gordon on the Women 2.0 blog. This was a totally different kind of post, but given that we’re a startup co-working space, a startup ourselves and a bunch of other things, we thought this post by Gordon was excellent. There’s no real “Dropbox effect,” as many others have also written in the past couple of weeks. Success comes over time. There are virtually no startups that hit it out of the box right away. Slow and steady.

What were some of your favorite posts this week?

Photo by Russ Morris via Flickr Creative Commons.

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