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Five Links: People, PR, Blogging, Social Media Week and Boobs



Most of you probably have been inundated with posts and links about #NMX or #2013CES this week, so we’re not going to belabor either event. But you’d be well-served if you click through either of those links and check out SeeSaw boards divinely curated by super-user Abby Ziff. Just sayin’.

It’s Friday, though, so we were thinking about the five best posts we read this week, and we were happy to say there was an abundance of them.

  • Only the first post is related to this week’s festivities in Las Vegas, by Friend of #TheLabNYC Tinu Abayomi-Paul, for Women Grow Business. “Why do you attend conferences like #NMX?” people ask her. Much of the content a the major conferences these days is geared toward the beginner, and Tinu is no beginner, to be sure. But, like myself, Tinu finds great value in attending, even if she misses lots of sessions. It’s the people. The chance to meet new people (for me, that included Carol Hink and Gina Carr), see people you’ve known forever online but never met in person (for me, that included Marla Schulman and Sean Daily) and catch up with old friends I only get to see a couple times a year (for me, that included Louie Baur and John Boitnott). That’s where conferences become priceless. It’s the people.
  • Now, I wasn’t going to link to Shelly Kramer this week, because I did last week and I believe in spreading the love and we shared from her last week. But she had a post syndicated on Ragan’s PRDaily the other day that was too good not to share. In response to another post on the site about how PR should own/manage social media, she zipped back: “PR doesn’t own social media. It belongs to everyone.” Exactly. And the mindset that thinks that any one department should “own” social is outdated. Social needs to truly be integrated across entire companies. While there are certain people now who manage social for their companies, eventually that will change as it gets incorporated into every aspect from marketing & advertising to customer service & operations.
  • I tweet out lots of links every week, as anyone who follows me knows. Some get lots of response, others not as much. I was not surprised, however, to see retweet after retweet of a post from my online buddy (whom I really do need to meet IRL at a conference on of these days, note to self), Gabriella Sannino, “How to get great blogging ideas from social media.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed in blogging and lost in the social stream. Her post gave great suggestions on how to take the time suck out of social and use it, instead of letting social use you. It resonated with readers, because many of the retweets made it obvious the people had actually read it and found value. I wasn’t surprised, of course, but it reminded me just how smart mia amica Italiana is.
  • Social Media Week is a scant few weeks away, in February, and veteran (and Friend of #TheLabNYC) #SMWNY speaker Joyce Sullivan urged newbies to the conference week to go for it and apply to speak or present an event. “You Can Do It: Words of Advice from a Social Media Week Veteran.” Great tips on how to apply, how to get involved and, frankly, just a good reminder that you don’t know what you can do until you try. Hmm?
  • Finally, to crib a phrase from the late, great Nora Ephron: A few words about breasts. I read a post on OSFashion.com about an online bra company that got funding from VCs. The title of the post was too great not to click through: “VCs think my boobs need an algorithm.” Basically, it’s about how difficult it can be for startups with quality or useful products to actually gain traction. The example was a company that purports to be able to sell the perfect bras to women by getting them to answer a slew of questions and then put an algorithm to it. (Protip: That ain’t gonna work.) While it starts out about breasts, author Sindhya Valloppillil closes with some solid advice for VCs and other investors on what kinds of questions they actually should be asking themselves when faced with yet another e-commerce startup.

Well, that’s it. What were your five picks of the week?

Image by svenwerk via Flickr Creative Commons

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  • dino_dogan

    You had me at boobs. Which -as you may remember from NMX- are balls for one’s neck. :-p

    • AmyVernon

      @dino_dogan Yeah, still makes no sense. #tryingtoohard

  • iancleary

    Hey Amy,  I agree about NMX, it’s all about the people.  I just hung out with people for the conference and had an amazing time.  Great to catch up with you and Dino, always fun to be around both of you guys.

    • AmyVernon

      @iancleary :) You still owe me a whisky, though.

  • CarolHink

    So honored Amy!  I’m with tinu it really is all about the people. The opportunity to get to know others on a whole different level, brainstorm and collaborate is just priceless!

    • AmyVernon

      @CarolHink  tinu Absolutely! I feel it’s worth paying to get there just to spend some real facetime with folks. I just wish I had *more* time to spend with people. :) So great to meet you f2f.

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