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Twinfographics – Fashion Week #NYFW and Customer Service


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When you’re based in New York City, it’s kind of hard to avoid being inundated with all things fashion twice a year, during New York Fashion Week(s). Add to that the fact that we’re half a block away from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and we can tell you that fashion is, indeed, a big deal around here.

For this week’s infographics, therefore, we decided to relent and share one focused on the New York fashion industry. For our second, we’re resorting to our more usual fare, looking at how consumers are using social media to get their voices heard by the companies they buy from.

So, first up: Fashion.

To take a page from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, in New York City, fashion is big. Really big. You just might not believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. (Side note: WordPress did not mark mindbogglingly as incorrectly spelled, though it did mark mindboggling as incorrect. Could Matt Mullenweg be a Hitchhiker’s fan?)

Anyway, back to fashion. It’s a $98 billion industry in New York, N.Y., brings in $2 billion in revenue and accounts for 4.8 percent of the city’s workforce. Phew. That is big. Anyway, the New York City Economic Development Corporation pulled together the facts and figures in this handy-dandy infographic-type chart.

It is, of course, black, because black is the new black.


For our second infographic, we decided to check out what our friends at Column Five Media had been up to recently (besides their great Microsoft ad). We found this infographic they put together for Infosys about how customers are using social to make themselves heard.

What we found interesting is that it’s not just about the bad when it comes to social. Did you know that social media users will tell five times as many people about a good customer experience than non-users of social media? Check out the infographic below – some of the data may surprise you.



Photo by Doran via Flickr Creative Commons.

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