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Friday Five – #SMWknd, #Meet2013, Social Entitlement and Gmail Ninjas


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As we come to the end of another #SMWNYC (Social Media Week), we’re kind of exhausted, despite not having gone to a ton of events.

It all started last weekend with Social Media Weekend at Columbia University’s School of Journalism (one case where it is Columbia and not Colombia). Internet Media Labs was there in full force. During Friday’s opening keynote, a panel of journalists discussed the ethical challenges faced in getting it fast or getting it right.

Ever the former journalist, I had to pipe up and ask them, more or less, “Haven’t we heard all this before?”

Saturday, I spoke on a panel with Archively founder Perri Gorman and Overblog founder & CEO Frederic Montagnon, discussing the topic of curation.

That brings us to the first of our five links.

  • Curation is most definitely not aggregation, though aggregation can be an element of curation. CUNY associate professor A. Adam Glenn attended the curation panel and put together his own (curated) list of the best tools out of #SMWknd.  Those tools included our own oneQube and SeeSaw. Thank you, Easter Bunny! Bock bock!
  • Believe it or not, social media has brought about a renaissance of meetings In Real Life. Our friends at Trendr wrote this piece for the Virgin blog about the new connections we make online and how they’re of vital importance. It ties into #Meet2013, which asks the question, “Who do you want to meet today?” The initiative is headed by Trendr, and we’re one of the New York City partners in the event.
  • I’ve had a few conversations recently about whether or not we should expect brands and companies and anyone to be available 24/7 just because social media is on around the clock. These channels are still manned by people, and sometimes you get tied up with a project or at lunch or doing something and you can’t respond to a tweet or FB post within seconds of it being posted. Sam Fiorella thinks we’ve created an entire culture of entitlement through social, and I tend to agree, to an extent. My favorite line: “Social media has created a culture of entitled, whiny crybabies who expect that everything will be given to them without compromise, fees or responsibility.”
  • This one isn’t really an article or blog post, but it is so worth your while to check out that I’m including it anyhow. It came from #SMWknd, and is Jeremy Caplan‘s 21 tips for conquering your inbox. Some of the things in here I know and use. Many of them I’d never heard of. All of them are excellent. If your mailbox is ANYthing like mine, you want to check this out.
  • This final link I almost didn’t include. It’s not really about social media, and it also came out just this afternoon. But I decided to for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s rare that someone makes such a big blunder and just comes out and says, “Wow, that was stupid.” And second, it reminds us that we’re all human and even for something that’s our bread and butter, if we aren’t paying close enough attention, we run the risk of losing it all. Dino Dogan explains how he accidentally let the Triberr domain expire.

What were your five must-reads this week?

Photo by Markus Schöpke via Flickr Creative Commons.

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