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Twinfographics: Trust and Tweeting #infographics



 Trust and Tweets. That’s the focus of the two infographics we have for you today, on this fine Twinfographics Tuesday.

We found both of these graphics thanks to our friends at VisualLoop, a terrific all-infographic Tumblr.

First, this is a rather simple graphic from Marketing Charts, looking at consumer trust in advertising and promotion. At first blush, it looks bad for social media. In fact, the headline of the post this came from was, “Few Consumers Trust Social Media Marketing, Internet Ads.”

But look closer: All the most-trusted aspects are part of a smart brand’s social media marketing efforts. Getting people to recommend your brand or product, getting professional and consumer reviews written online, performing well in natural search and many of the other more trusted aspects on the chart are all part of an overall social media marketing strategy.


So there’s that.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Fusework Studios produced this helpful infographic based on a study from Buddy Media that will assist you in figuring out when and how to tweet. It’s a long infographic. Keep scrolling. Keep scrolling.

Biggest takeaway to us was that there’s a lot less activity from brands on weekends, so a greater chance for engagement. Tweet during daytime hours on Saturday or Sunday, and you’ll get far more engagement than you will in the evening or during the week. Nice. What’s your experience

maximizing-your-tweets-infographicWhat’s your experience?

Twin photo by harry_nl via Flickr Creative Commons.

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